Soccer – the Betting is the Easy Part

The hardest thing about  soccer betting (or football betting, to our European cousins) is finding your way around the countless number of matches, and to tell you the truth, I had never placed a bet on any soccer matches until last week. It’s fair to say I am what you would call an occasional punter, and the fact is, I haveplayed my fair share of rep soccer, albeit, 17 years ago. I knew, however, with a little refresher course in the goings on in the soccer scene, I would be able to come away with a win!

The guideline that I would use in order to explore any sort of soccer odds – and in-turn, soccer betting – would be to pick a country, and start form there (unless of course, you already know what you are involved in). For the casual observer looking to get their feet wet in the world of soccer/football, I would start there.

The countries and tournaments currently involved at most betting agencies include United Kingdom, Australia, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Asia, Rest of Europe, Americas. Also available is the UEFA championships, Rest of world and Club friendlies. This is not an all-inclusive list, and with multiple games in each of the countries and with multiple options, you should only concern yourself with the countries and options you have familiarised yourself with.

As you can plainly see, unless you are deeply involved in the world of soccer, this could look rather daunting; however, if you have followed my previous posts, you will have seen a common trend – that, my friends, is ‘KNOWLEDGE is key’. The more you know about the sport you intend to bet on, the better your chances of winning. If soccer is something you are interested in betting on; the use of good research to gain knowledge is where you will see your win-rate skyrocket.

Don’t just go and pick the favourite in any comp – set yourself a country, then a game, and do a little Googling to find out the weather forecasts, the injury lists, have the two teams played before? Every bit of relevant info you can find will help you. It’s all relevant, don’t let the bookies summarise the info for you, do it yourself!

Good Luck,

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