Online Sports Betting Vs Offline Sports Betting

Some people love going towatch a Rugby League game.The environment really does it for them. The atmosphere of watching your players, being with friends, the (not so great) meat-pies and the sound of thousand of people cheering or booing with you.

On the other hand, there are those people who would prefer to watch the game at home quietly and comfortably and probably with much better food. And of course there are those that would rather watching anything else, we’ll put these people into the category that don’t like the game of Rugby League.

None of these groups are right, none are wrong. Yet all have made a choice into what they prefer.

In this post I hope to get across the way I like to bet on my sports. The two options are:

  1. Offline Sports Betting (TAB Agencies)
  2. Online Sports Betting

I haven’t conducted any research what-so-ever here into what the majority of people like. This is simply my opinion. Although, please let me know your preference is and the reason why in the comments below.

Offline Sports Betting

Over my time placing bets at the TAB agencies all over Sydney I’ve made a mental note of the good and the bad. Here are some of the points that stick out for me.

The good

  • I have quite a few friends at the TAB. I’m always up for a good conversation and laugh. I usually find one at the TAB
  • There is a lot of excitement in winning at the TAB. The energy that the room lets off is amazing!
  • The set up of the agency is effective and well thought-out. The monitors, the paper forms, the data, the cashier is all in the right place
  • Now the most important good point is that there are vending machines with all my favourites sweets not more than 5 steps away

The Bad

  • The odds are just not as good offline. At times online betting agencies completely blow the TAB out of the water
  • I love to travel, but I find it an inconvenience driving down to the TAB when I know I can bet in minutes with my Computer
  • My brain switches on sometime around mid-afternoon and is usually in the highest gear at about late evening. This is when I like to place the majority of my bets
  • I like to study my results carefully. I can’t do this at the TAB

Online Sports Betting

I hold accounts with many different online sports betting agencies. In a later post I’ll detail the reason why it’s a good idea to have many accounts.

The Good

  • There’s (much) better odds online. Never place a bet without shopping around. The differences among agencies can at times be great
  • I can take my time to study my logic and the result. I usually have a notebook that I use to scribble down notes. I usually write a short sentence for my thought process behind the bet and the outcome
  • Betting at any time of the day is a major benefit for me. I like the option to sit down with my laptop late at night and place my bets
  • There is so much more choice for betting. I like to bet across many different sports and events

The Bad

  • Like most things on the Internet, it’s a lonely business
  • That thrill and excitement of winning is just not as pronounce at home. There’s much more energy at the TAB
  • It’s a shameful one to add, but there is no vending machine at home. I need to get myself one of those quick smart! (I’m checking Ebay after I finish writing this)

Your Choice, I know which one I’ll take

Even though I tried to outline the good and the bad in both categories I can clearly say that I prefer online sports betting. The better odds and private time to study the results, are the reasons that keep me indoors rather than heading out to the TAB.

What’s your preferred way? Let me know down below in the comments section.

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