NRL and Cricket Betting Scandals

In a short space of time two betting scandals have been uncovered. Both had made it to national news – both here in Australia and aboard. First was an incident in the NRL, then soon after was with Cricket.
This would rightly make a lot of sports fans and punters furious, for the below reasons:

  • Fans lose passion for their teams
  • Fans and punters lose trust in certain players
  • Fans and punters will have thoughts that future games could be set up
  • Punters could lose money as their analysis of the expected results do not match up with the unlikely results when games are set up
  • Also, there is the added speculation that team members will not have complete trust in their team mates

In future posts I’ll cover the details of both scandals in detail. For now I’ll just cover some of the main points about both scandals.

NRL Betting Scandal

Bulldogs forward Ryan Tandy is being investigated over a betting plunge on a penalty goal being the first points scored in a game against North Queensland. Tandy was penalised in front of goal in the second minute of the match. The Cowboys opted for a quick tap and scored a try, so the plunge never paid off. Tandy has denied any wrongdoing.

Since this news players and coaches have said that betting on Rugby League should be limited to picking a winner, loser or draw. The Exotic options betting, as as on the way the first points are scored is too easy to manipulate.

Cricket Betting Scandal

The News of the World, a British tabloid said it paid more than $200,000 to Pakistani cricket players for a certain result. The newspaper’s account, with an accompanying video, alleged that the two star bowlers, Mohammed Amir and Mohammed Asif, were paid to deliver No Balls at the exact points in the match as agreed upon with the fixer.

This is called “spot fixing” or “micro fixing.” It’s inside information on when players agree to act in a predetermined manner, usually at a particular time, to influence betting. While “spot fixing” often does not affect a game’s outcome, it can still earn millions for syndicates setting odds on specific details of the game or the players.

They were caught

Fortunately both betting scandals were caught out and the media quickly jumped onto both of them. The more attention events like this is brought out in public, the higher the odds that things like this will be harder to do.

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