NBA Betting From Australia

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is the pre-eminent body presiding over professional basketball in North America. The NBA includes thirty teams divided by three divisions and two conferences.

Starting in 1946 as the Basketball Association of America, the NBA was only home to a few teams founded by the owners of major ice hockey arenas spread over North America. In 1949, it merged with the national basketball League NBL to create the NBA. Since then, more teams were added every year along with ever increasing fans.

NBA betting has become somewhat of a worldwide phenomenon. This is due to increasing teams and increasing popularity. In basketball, predicting what will happen next is not somewhat easy. There are a few things which need to be considered. The most important aspects are the team’s past performance, current performance and the team’s winning and losing streaks.

NBA betting works on two main principles. These include Point spread betting and betting totals.

Point Spread Betting

Point spread betting work by assigning a team a negative point spread while the other team is assigned a positive point spread. The team with the negative point spread is the favorite team. If a team has a point spread of -10, this will mean that the team will have to win by 11 points or more for the better to win a bet. If they equal it, no money exchanges hands.

If they score less, they lose their bet. The bettor who bets on the team with the positive spread (the underdog) will only win if the team wins or loses by 9 points or less.

Total Bet

A total bet works on the aspect of the final score of the two teams. If a bookie makes a total post of 50, a person who bets over on the game would win if the total of the two teams was over 50. A bettor who bets under on the game would win if the total was less than 50. In both cases, if it was exactly 50, the money would be returned.

A great place to obtain information on NBA betting is the internet. The internet hosts a huge catalogue of articles and web pages detailing and introducing the topic of NBA betting. Other great places include betting clubs, previous betters and bookies themselves.

Australians are at an advantage when betting on the NBA from Australia. Online gambling is completely legal. This is different from betting in North America where online betting in some states is illegal. In those states where it is legal, strict rules make betting very hard, complex and rather risky. This is a big exemption for Australians.

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