How to Open Your First Online Sports Betting Account

This is going to be one of those really simple to understand and very basic to follow posts that will walk a person with beginner skills on a PC to open an online sports betting account. If you’ve already opened an account before, the information in this post shouldn’t be new to you.

What do I need to know before opening an account

Since you’re depositing real money into a sports betting account you need to be aware that your money will be transferred from your credit card to the account. There are a lot of people out there that don’t trust inputting their credit card details on the internet.

Firstly there’s literally billions of dollars that’s being transferred across the Internet each and everyday from shoppers. Obviously there are quite a few people who feel secure doing this.

Secondly most online betting agencies and especially the betting agencies reviewed by us have taken great steps to make sure your personal details, including your credit card details are kept private.

One thing that you can do is take the necessary steps to have your computer Virus free by having an anti-virus software and to scan your PC regularly.

Who should I open an account with?

There are quite a few ways to work out which betting agencies to sign up with. Ultimately it’s a personal preference on who you sign up with, but by following the points below, you should be safe from those betting agencies that are questionable to say the least!

  • Word of mouth – one of the best ways to pick your agency is based on who your friends have sign up with, if they’ve had a good experience with the betting agency then it’s most likely a safe bet you will as well
  • Advertising – over the last few years there have been TV commercials of some betting agencies. These are reputable companies
  • Our recommendations – the betting agencies reviewed by us are the most trusted nation-wide, and around the world

Now just before I walk you through opening an account online, I need to say that the below example focuses on one single betting agency. The reason for doing so is to keep this post as simple as I can. The steps below can easily be used at all of the betting agency websites out there.

It’s in their interest to make it easy for you to register, so you’ll notice that this process is quite easy. Although if you come across a sign up process that’s a little too complicated, let us know in the comments section.

Opening your first Online Sports Betting Account

The account that I’m going to open up is for Sportsbet.

1. To get to the Sportsbet page simply roll your mouse over the betting agencies tab at the top of this page, then click on Sportsbet

2. On the Sportsbet page, go to the Bonus Offers section and click through on the sportsbet promotion – this will ensure you’re getting the best deal from Sportsbet. Note: be sure to write down the sportsbet promotional code if available

3. You should now be on the latest promotion page from Sportsbet. On this page look for the Join Now button. This will take you through the sign up process

4. I’m sure that you filled out many forms like this one before. You need to put in your Personal Details like your Name and Date of Birth, followed by your Contact Details.

You’ll need to create yourself a Username and Password next. Accept the Terms and Conditions than click on Sign Up.

5. A few things take place once you’ve signed up. You’ll receive an e-mail from Sportsbet confirming your membership and you’ll be posted out a Welcome Booklet.

Also, you’ll now have the option to Deposit & Start Betting, Apply for Credit, learn How to Place a Bet or Join the Tipping Comp.

Betting agencies by law are required to validate a member’s basic 100 point ID prior to permitting the withdrawal of funds from an account. Each agency has a slightly different way of doing this, so it’s best to follow the instructions that they give you specifically about this.

There you have it! That wasn’t hard was it? As mentioned before, all online sports betting agencies will have the same process so once you’ve signed up to one, it should be a walk in the park to open another.

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