TABsportsbetTAB Sportsbet – Your One Stop Shop for All Gambling and Betting Needs One of the three online gambling platforms owned by Tabcorp Holdings Limited, TAB Sportsbet, is a one stop shop for all your betting and gambling needs.

It is one of the biggest limited companies of Australia. Believe it or not, TAB Sportsbet is the onlyAustralian gambling and betting website approved by the Government.

It is a nationally recognised sports bookmaker and offers sports betting services to nearly all states of the USA. It is estimated that every year bets accounting for more than $9 billion are played on TAB Sportsbet, making it one of the highly used betting websites around the globe.

For punters it is the best website to bet on. As it is nationally recognised, it is a widely trusted andrespected platform. Currently TAB Sportsbet has launched its iPhone app through which punters can follow up the current bets or events through their iPhones and iPads.

Main Points of TAB Sportsbet

  • Company name: Tabcorp Holdings Ltd
  • Agency Type: Bookmaker
  • Headquarters: Australia
  • License: NSW and Vic
  • Betting Options: Sports, racing
  • Live Betting: By Phone
  • Minimum Bet: Internet $1.00
  • Deposit Options: Credit card, in person at TAB Retail Outlets, cheque, BPAY, bank transfer, Australia Post Bank
  • Withdrawal Options: Bank transfer, cheque, in person at TAB Retail Outlets, Australia Post Bank
  • Currencies Offered: AUD, EUR, GBP, HKD, JPY, USD
  • Languages: English
  • Software provider: Proprietary software

Screen Shots

tabsportsbet-sports-tennis tabsportsbet-sports-interactivetutorial tabsportsbet-sports-howtobet tabsportsbet-sports-home tabsportsbet-racing-schedule tabsportsbet-racing-rosehill tabsportsbet-racing-home tabsportsbet-main

Full Review of TAB Sportsbet

Being the oldest website of online betting, TAB Sportsbet offers its customers an extensive range of products. First off, there are multitudes of betting options that customers can go for.

On the other hand, the website covers nearly all major events of the sports world. Cricket, soccer, football, horse racing, motor racing, etc. are all covered here. Horse racing being the favourite betting sport of Australia is the major target here.

The interface of the website is appreciable. It is very neat, simple and professional making it comfortable to the eyes and hands of gamblers. On the other hand, the website also offers a point based system to punters. The more you bet the more points you get and later on these points can be used for betting.

There is a how to guide of betting for beginners if they want to learn the norms of betting. An FAQ sectionis also integrated for the TAB Sportsbet app where you can get to know what exactly does the app is all about.

In short, it is one of the most lucrative and user friendly websites for online betting based in Australia. Current events and news relating to horse racing and other sports are also available on the home page so you don’t need to worry about what you are going to miss.

How to Sign Up to Tab Sportsbet

Reasons to Sign Up to TAB Sportsbet

The major reason to sign up on TAB Sportsbet is to be a part of the leading betting website in Australia.

Most of the professional punters and bookies can be found here sharing their knowledge and skills. Especially beginners find this website great to learn and gradually pick up the pace.

Uniqueness of TAB Sportsbet

As said earlier, it is the only website out there that is offering an iPad and iPhone application. This is the most unique aspect of TAB Sportsbet offering punters the ease of staying in touch through their mobile phones.

Contacting TAB Sportsbet

  • Website:
  • Email: Website Form
  • Phone: 131 802
  • Postal Address: GPO Box 1943 Melbourne VIC 3001 Australia


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